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How do so many people discover Stradivariuses in the attic if they are all accounted for? He was born in Cremona, Italy in and he worked there until his death in If you have an instrument that is dated outside the timeline of Antonius Stradivarius’s life, it is not a Stradivarius. The discovery of a whale fossil dating back to The creature, named Mystacodon selenensis, is the oldest baleen-whale relative yet found. Musings from the workbench of violin maker Andy Fein on makers, instruments, bows, musicians, and the joys of a life in the world of stringed instruments. Even if the instrument has a Stradivarius label and has been in your family for generations, it probably is not a Stradivarius! Cameo appearances by the musicians on staff at Fein Violins. First, Stradivarius was a real person Antonius Stradivarius. Out to sea The first whales originated roughly 50 million years ago from land animals that crawled into the sea, gradually trading in their legs for flippers.


But before her days of dating a tech billionaire, Holzwarth struggled during her teens with family violence, sexual abuse and eating disorders that have manifested into health problems today. Now, like her boyfriend in the tech sector, the half-Chinese half-Caucasian violinist aims to disrupt the entire culture of mental health disorders and addiction by leading an open conversation — beginning with her own story.

My mom would always take the keys and leave — I never thought she was coming back.

Acoustic analysis showed that an Amati violin dating to mimicked the basses and baritones of male singers, while Stradivari violins resemnbled female tenors and alto voices.

Welcome to the old study. Won’t you come in? So nice to have you here on a night like this, when we can share a dream together as the night grows late. It was sponsored by Meister Brau and aired from The show was also known as the Meisterbrau Showcase and included the Torch Hour. It was a great late night show. He interspersed moody, contemplative music with poetry that he read. I often listened to him late at night when I lived in Illinois growing up.

Well that’s the same feeling you get when you take a long refreshing drink from an ice-cold Meisterbrau beer. He knew stories about every performer and had met all the greats.

Andrea Postacchini

Not only are the materials attractive, but the attention to detail in the purfling, the mitres and just about every other aspect of good lutherie leave little to be improved on. The fs are beautifully crafted, crisp sharp work, elegant and balanced and with nicely fluted palettes. It follows the Stradivari model – beautifully outlined and elegantly proportioned. Furthermore, this violin has one of the most impeccable neck grafts I have ever seen – virtually invisible, and almost certainly the work of the Hill workshop.

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Bass Jokes How do you tell if a bass is actually dead? Hold out a check but don’t be fooled: How do you tell if a bass is dead? In the last act of Don Giovanni, there is always a statue which is replaced at some point by a real singer, a bass the Commendatore. How can you tell when the switch has occurred? The “statue” starts looking a bit stiff.

Roman Totenberg’s Stradivarius Violin Returns to the Stage

Here is our pick of the cutest German towns that should be on your travel itinerary. The Cutest German Towns to Visit: Cochem Cochem is an idyllic riverside little town that is famous for its towering, romantic castle built in the 11th century. The setting looks like something straight out of a fairytale, with photo opportunities at every turn.

The violin, viola, and cello were first made in the early 16th century, in Italy. The earliest evidence for their existence is in paintings by Gaudenzio Ferrari from the s, though Ferrari’s instruments had only three strings. The Academie musicale, a treatise written in by Philibert Jambe de Fer, gives a clear description of the violin family much as we know it today.

Classically trained musician with more than 20 years experience appraising musical instruments. I need you to provide me with the exact wording on the label in the violin. You can get a good look by using a flashlight and looking through the f-holes on the violin. There is an additional charge for a call, when I can answer your question right here at no additonal charge. Also, it is not possible to do the necessary research and speak with you at the same time.

Please let me know what you want to do. Number 1 Gregorio Mentade Sremonenies. Some of the word may be missed spelled wrong because it is hard to see inside the violins. Both if these violins are copies, made in factories, most likely in Germany. Your violins carry trade names made up by the manufacturer. The dates are fictional – that was a common practice in violin making in the late 19th and 20th centuries.

The Cutest German Towns to Visit

One present, every Sunday, for a month. Light the fire, draw the curtains, unwrap. You are keenly anticipating what comes next even when you know what comes next. But this, as adapted by Kenneth Lonergan, who won an Oscar for his screenplay of Manchester By The Sea, was routinely plodding at best, turgid at worst.

This particular Strad, dating from , takes its name from Baron Johann Knoop, a collector of musical instruments who possessed a total of 29 violins, violas, and cellos at one time or another including four Stradivari violas and eleven violins!

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Vintage Guitar – Parts and Identification

We must say that these beg comparison with the memory of the poetic creations of the immortal Byron, where likewise in every line is expressed the pain of a wounded spirit. At the Royal Academy the following year, J. It is like nothing but itself, so I cannot compare it with Claude or any other painter, to help your notion of it.

Patten kept the original until his death refusing to part with it, but painted a copy for Paganini in This acquisition led directly to his invitation to Berlioz: Paganini undoubtedly had in mind a show-stopping exposition of solo virtuosity along the lines of his own caprices for the violin.

One visit to Salzburg’s Old Town is all it takes to realize that the city incorporates the very best of Austria, into one pretty little package. Sprawling mountain views, ornate baroque architecture, pretty palaces, bustling market squares and of course, the music of Mozart, all make Salzburg one.

Baker ; Updated September 15, Finding the value of a violin may sometimes seem to be a wild guess. There are many factors that go into a violin’s appraisal, including its quality, sound, appearance, age, creator and previous use. Many violins are manufactured for new players or casual hobbyist, and therefore do not fetch a high value. Others are hundreds of years old and highly sought after. If you are in the possession of a violin but do not know its origins, there are a few ways that you can assess the general worth of your violin.

Listen to the sound of your violin. The value of a violin drops dramatically, no matter its physical condition, if it cannot hold a tune. A violin that plays clearly, strongly and in tune is worth more. Review your violin for any physical blemishes.

Old Violin labeled Josef Klotz 1795 with MELLOW, SWEET tone SOLD

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