Michael Bisping ridicules Georges St-Pierre’s prospects of UFC victory in New York

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Georges St-Pierre Finally Reveals Personal Issue That Caused Him to Leave UFC

Georges St-Pierre became one of the biggest sports stars in Canada in his pomp. Ironically it was issues around drug testing that set off a firestorm between St-Pierre and the UFC ahead of his last bout with the company. He unsuccessfully attempted to secure third-party drug testing for himself and Johnny Hendricks ahead of their clash at UFC , and claimed he would not return to fighting without a third-party anti-doping testing program in place.

The current relationship status of George St. Pierre is not known. Be the first to add a help at Wikipedia.. Age: 37 (5/19/) Occupation: Sports – Other Most Famous For: is a professional mixed martial artist of Canadian nationality.

Celebrities Famous girlfriend Most of the people know who Georges St. Pierre is and why he is famous for, but among all of his achievements he has also dated plenty of women that are the sexiest ones on the planet and that could have been called as Georges St. Pierre girlfriend even if just for a short amount of time. He is famous for destroying the Welterweight division in the UFC and that has been continuing for years now, so he must not get tired doing it.

Thus the society does not know who the real Georges St. Pierre girlfriend is and when she dates him, because he manages to hide it in a perfect way. Even though he is really famous and known all the time it appears that he wants to hide his personal life and keep it only to himself. And the current Georges St.

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Help youth, stop bullying and promote physical activity in schools. Here below is part of my story, written by a friend of mine: Round and round, over and over again, until his raw skin pealed into a red outline framing his mouth. A diminutive clown, every single day of school.

Anderson’s camp is actually talking a superfight with GSP as of today: “No opponent makes sense for Anderson at this moment unless we do a catchweight against Georges St. Pierre,” [Jorge Guimaraes] told Brazilian website Tatame.

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And just like UFC one year ago, this one is a blockbuster. With a trio of title fights atop the marquee, UFC might just be the promotion’s best offering on paper this calendar year, with no shortage of storylines set to culminate inside Madison Square Garden. Let’s take a closer look at what’s at stake. GSP attempts further leap up the all-time rankings: When UFC welterweight king Georges St-Pierre walked away following a disputed split-decision victory — in which he was concussed — over future champion Johny Hendricks in November , the greatest pound fighter in history was already in good company.

Most fans and journalists considered the short list of those eligible to be called “the greatest fighter in MMA history” to be comprised of Anderson Silva, Jon Jones and GSP outside of the remaining ardent Fedor Emelianenko supporters. Since then, the only thing that has changed the discussion of GOAT has been the addition of flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson, along with the growing suspicions centered around Jones’ back-to-back failed drug tests.

But by returning Saturday following a four-year break and moving up in weight to challenge middleweight champion Michael Bisping, St-Pierre has a chance to add a particularly shiny nugget to his resume: St-Pierre, 36, returns riding a fight win streak dating back to his upset loss to Matt Serra and original retired following nine title defenses which leaves him behind only Johnson and Silva in UFC history. And by doing so after such a long break would only bolster GSP’s standing among the greats while simultaneously offsetting the fact that Bisping, 38, is considered a weak champion who has been protected since his title upset of Luke Rockhold.

Dillashaw seeks long-awaited redemption: The focus entering Saturday’s bantamweight title bout has equally surrounded the rivalry between bitter ex-teammates and Cody Garbrandt’s potential as the UFC’s next crossover star. But bubbling somewhere underneath is former champion TJ Dillashaw’s redemption song, which has been nearly two years in the making. Dillashaw, who upset pound-for-pound elite Renan Barao to win the title in , took part in one of ‘s best fights less than two years later when he dropped a split decision against Dominick Cruz.

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St-Pierre is the greatest Welterweight champion in UFC history (sorry, Matt Hughes). The French Canadian last appeared inside the Octagon against Johny .

He says he is a geek, well, if he is, then he is a sexy one! But who might be the chick who stole his heart? This is his back-up for the fact he is a nerd: I watch the Canadian version of the Discovery Channel. Ask me a question about the Jurassic period or the Cretaceous period and I probably could answer it. You know why we play sports? Sports today is the modern way to make war. Most of my friends are nerds like me. I need someone to talk science with. But you never know.

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He began learning Kyokushin Karate at age seven from his father and later from a Kyokushin Karate Master to defend himself against a school bully. Before turning pro as a mixed martial artist, St-Pierre worked as a bouncer at a Montreal night club in the South Shore called Fuzzy Brossard and as a garbageman for six months to pay for his school fees.

Training St-Pierre has trained with a number of groups in a large variety of gyms throughout his fighting career. Prior to his fight with B. The two have cornered all of St-Pierre’s most recent bouts and remain as his close friends. St-Pierre defeated Hieron via technical knockout in only 1: Despite a competitive performance against the much more experienced fighter, St-Pierre tapped out to an armbar with only 10 seconds remaining in the first round.

St-Pierre controlled the fight and eventually sneaked in a rear naked choke with less than a minute remaining in the first round. Midway through the second round, St-Pierre became the second fighter to defeat Sherk and the first to finish him. Penn to become the No. St-Pierre was forced to withdraw from the match, however, due to a groin injury and was replaced by the man he defeated in March, B.

St-Pierre was seen as a trainer on The Ultimate Fighter 4: At that time he was seen pushing Loiseau to “fight his fight” against Mike Swick. At the same event, after Matt Hughes had defeated B.

Who is MMA George St. Pierre’s Girlfriend? (PHOTOS)

Instead, it did the opposite because the answer was inevitable. His name no longer rings a bell with anyone but the die-hards, a fact even acknowledged by long-time UFC announcer Joe Rogan. The Canadian master was grit-and-grind personified, he was the four-corner offense in basketball, if basketball was played with strikes, takedowns, and submissions. GSP, however, used his strikes to set up his takedowns which allowed him to almost literally lay on top of his opponent, draining their will to fight.

He also is immensely proud of fighting with honor, is obsessed with fairness, and was an early proponent of PED testing.

Most of the people know who Georges St. Pierre is and why he is famous for, but among all of his achievements he has also dated plenty of women that are the sexiest ones on the planet and that could have been called as Georges St. Pierre girlfriend even if just for a short amount of time.

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Georges St-Pierre on the loss, and gradual regaining of hunger

Linkedin Comment Georges St-Pierre will be known as one of the most-decorated fighters in MMA history, but his decision to leave the sport somehow left a big question mark for fans and fellow fighters. But in a recent interview, GSP may have revealed the real score. Georges St-Pierre says that the reason why he left the sport is because he no longer has love for it.

The Georges St-Pierre Foundation. The goal of my foundation is very simple: Help youth, stop bullying and promote physical activity in schools. I have the privilege of having amazing sponsors who support the cause by generously contributing to the Foundation.

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Georges St Pimp (GSP)

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