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They had to know what was safe to eat or to use in various ways, as well as what organisms could harm them. Over years ago the Greek philosopher Aristotle categorized living things as plants or animals. They were also classified as land, water, or air dwellers. During the Middle Ages, names were given in Latin to all known creatures. In the mid s, the Swedish biologist, Carolus Linnaeus, shortened the long descriptive terms for each organism to a binomial system, using only the genus group and species individual kind name. For example, the two oaks shown below belong to the genus Quercus always italicized or underlined for oaks, and phellos or rubra always in lower case italics or underlined , for the willow or red oak. But what is a species? The best definition is that a species is “a group of actually or potentially interbreeding organisms that is reproductively isolated from other such groups. In addition, a few species can hybridize, usually producing sterile offspring. To date, over 1, , species of organisms have been described; at least one million of these are insects, but it is believed that possibly 25 million species of insects may exist, primarily in the tropics.

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You can help by adding to it. August Demography[ edit ] Many Vauxhall residents live in social housing. Some 18th and 19th century property also survives — most famously Bonnington Square , a community that emerged from the s— s squat scene in London and remains as mostly housing co-operatives today. Economy[ edit ] Much of the area in Vauxhall contains light industry, offices and government buildings. Many companies and organisations were attracted in the past by Vauxhall’s central location and comparatively cheap rent compared to Westminster on the other side of the river.

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Although the environment in the southwest is dry, with occasional droughts, the soil is fertile. This allowed the Southwest Indians to cultivate the land using their indigenous techniques of dry farming and irrigation. The Zuni population lived mainly in New Mexico. The tribe was renowned for its ceremonial dances. The Pueblo, on the other hand, were primarily sedentary farmers who also excelled in pottery, textiles, as well as construction of underground chambers known as ‘ Kivas ‘, which they used for religious ceremonies.

The Apache Indians were hunters and gatherers who were skilled in horticulture. They were famous for their fighting prowess, and presently, they have a sizable population in Arizona and New Mexico. The Navajo Indians , or Dine, were by far the largest tribe of them all, and they were some of the first farmers who cultivated melons, beans, and corn.

They lived in houses called ‘Hogans’, which were made of wooden barks and mud. The door of a Hogan always faced east, to welcome the rising sun. The Hopi Indians descended from the Pueblos, but they have a unique language. Presently, they reside in Arizona’s Black Mesa. Traditionally, after a baby was born, the naming responsibility would be given to the village elders.

Then, the baby would be carried to a cliff and named when the light of the rising sun touched the baby.

Art of the American Southwest

Primarily through training and technical assistance, SWIWC works to increase the capacity of tribal communities to better address and respond to the domestic and sexual violence occurring in their communities. To educate, support, and empower Native communities to increase awareness, safety, understanding, healing, justice, and resources for the LGBTQ community. With a variety of topics ranging from domestic and sexual violence, stalking, sex trafficking, teen dating violence and LGBTQ For more information please contact our office via Email.

You can also find general information on domestic and sexual violence. Support Our Work With limited funding, and to continue our work to end violence against Native women, children and all our relations, we ask for support in donating to our program to continue our focus on training, technical assistance, increasing capacity for justice, safety and accountability, and also developing meaningful partnership and relationships to other organization who support our work.

Refer to Southwest’s monthly RPMs and ASMs dating back to May Table created by the author from the company’s monthly press releases. Southwest posted its best monthly year-over-year RPM.

Ancient stories tie the present-day Pueblo peoples to their origins and ancestral lands, where Native people built and rebuilt stone or adobe dwellings, often occupied them for hundreds of years, and then moved on. The beginnings of Pueblo pottery traditions can also be seen in materials found at Mesa Verde AD — , well known for its spectacular cliff dwellings. Other important pieces were collected from Chaco Canyon AD s— s , where ancestral Pueblo peoples built large, multistoried masonry buildings, the most impressive of which is Pueblo Bonito.

Regional centers arose throughout the Southwest. Vast quantities of shell beads found at Grand Gulch provide evidence that ancestral Pueblo peoples had links with the coast of Southern California very early on. Hohokam ball courts and cacao found on pottery from Pueblo Bonito suggest rituals shared between Mesoamerica and the Southwest. Eventually these nations incorporated non-Native peoples and markets into their economic and political life.

European wares appeared at Indian fairs in Taos, Pecos, and elsewhere, where southwestern textiles, pottery, turquoise, and maize had long been traded for Plains hides and dried meat.


And their discovery is surprising not only for their seclusion but also for their age, because some sites appear to date back hundreds of years before Apaches were thought to have migrated to the region. A well-preserved platform cache built and used by ancestral Apache, along with rock art and other artifacts, was found in the Peloncillo Mountains in remote southeastern Arizona.

BAlvarius The sites are called platform cave caches, where small, uniquely constructed platforms were built in rockshelters to secretly hold a stash of goods for later use, Seymour writes in the Journal of Field Archaeology , where she describes the finds. The Apache practice of caching goods in caves — like pottery, basketry, food and, in later years, weapons and ammunition — has turned up in accounts from 19th century Native Americans and settlers, but no evidence of the custom had ever been found before.

Seymour notes that such secret stashes were necessities for itinerant people like the ancestral Apache, whose livelihoods often came from raiding other bands or foraging in places that were frequently under the control of other groups. This may explain why the newfound caches were discovered only in remote mountain spots, and in areas far outside the boundaries of other, more sedentary farming groups, like the Mogollon, Mimbres or Hohokam.

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Their culture formed in the American Southwest after the cultivation of corn was introduced from Mesoamerica about 4, years ago. People of this region developed an agrarian lifestyle and lived in sedentary towns. The Ancestral Puebloans Anasazi of the Chaco Canyon and surrounding region are believed to have prospered greatly from their production and trading of turquoise objects.

Native American nations[ edit ] Within the last millennium, Athabaskan peoples emigrated from northern Canada in the southwest. These include the Navajo and Apache. Sandpainting is an aspect of Navajo healing ceremonies that inspired an art form. Navajos learned to weave on upright looms from Pueblos and wove blankets that were eagerly collected by Great Basin and Plains tribes in the 18th and 19th centuries. After the introduction of the railroad in the s, imported blankets became plentiful and inexpensive, so Navajo weavers switched to producing rugs for trade.

Pueblo , Navajo and Apache tribes cherished turquoise for its amuletic use; the latter tribe believe the stone to afford the archer dead aim. Among these peoples turquoise was used in mosaic inlay, in sculptural works, and was fashioned into toroidal beads and freeform pendants. The distinctive silver jewelry produced by the Navajo and other Southwestern Native American tribes today is a rather modern development, thought to date from c.

Colonial Spanish[ edit ] With a need to be self-sufficient, many Hispanic people woodworking, weaving, tinsmith, farming and leather work skills to create the furniture and furnishings for their homes. The Zuni admired the silver jewelry made by the Navajos, [14] such as Atsidi Sani Old Smith , so they began trading livestock for instruction in working silver. By , the Zuni had taught the Hopi how to make silver jewelry.

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Superintendent Bruce Hill reported the board decided last month to hire another assistant superintendent and Monday night the board voted to hire Jason Sanders. Hill said one of Sanders’ main duties will be to oversee the construction of the new high school. Hill informed the board that the roof project at the Middle School was in the clean up phase and he told the board that he would be meeting with the district’s construction company and architect today about the girl’s dressing room project and the new high school project.

Hill also presented a report to the board members from the school nurses.

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