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Lake Illawarra has a history of metal contamination. Abstract Lake Illawarra has a long history of sediment contamination, particularly by metals, as a result of past and current industrial operations and land uses within the catchment. In this study, we examined the history of metal contamination in sediments using metal analysis and Pb and Cs dating. The distributions of copper, zinc, arsenic, selenium, cadmium and lead concentrations within sediment cores were in agreement with historical events in the lake, and indicated that metal contamination had been occurring since the start of industrial activities in Port Kembla in the late s. Most metal contamination, however, has occurred since the s. Sedimentation rates were found to be 0. Inputs from creeks bringing metals from Port Kembla in the northeast of the lake and a copper slag emplacement from a former copper refinery on the Windang Peninsula were the main sources of metal inputs to Lake Illawarra.

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What has happened to this once iconic club. The club that inspired great folklore. The club that was a patron of Rugby League until the Broncos entered the competition and won back to back premierships. I know what happened.

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The St. George Illawarra Dragons are an Australian professional rugby league football club, St George Illawarra annually contests the Club ANZAC Game against the Roosters, a tradition dating back to the s, but has been contested regularly since

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Vertebrates The great diversity of near-shore and fresh water Chondrichthyans which characterized the Carboniferous began to decline during the Permian. In the oceans, xenacanth sharks dominated until the Guadalupian, when they were replaced by hybodonts. A few acanthodians also lingered into the Cisuralian. Lungfishes and coelacanths were more diverse than they are today, but all of the other Sarcopterygian fishes had already become extinct.

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This colliery, set in the escarpment behind the village of that name, is famous because of the major mine explosion that took place in The mine grew from the remains of the old Pioneer Kerosene Works, which was formed in , this was the first shale oil works opened in Australia. The shale oil works was closed in An abortive attempt was made to mine the nearby bituminous coal seam that had been mined by the shale works for fuel for their retorts.

In moves were made to establish a major coal mine in the area and build a railway from the mine to a bay at Five Islands Port Kembla where a jetty, capable of berthing ocean going vessels, was to be built. Government granted authority in March for the company to build the jetty and the railway line.

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The Wodi Wodi are known to have camped in several locations throughout the city including Tullimbar (Tongarra), Macquarie Rivulet, Peterborough (Shellharbour Village), Long Point (Bass Point), Lake Illawarra and Minnamurra. Sites in Shellharbour with particular Aboriginal cultural significance include locations where there were camps and settlements, hunting, fishing and gathering grounds.

George Dragons largely financed a proposal for a joint venture which would see the St George Illawarra Dragons playing in both Kogarah and Wollongong. Essentially, St George would provide the money while the Illawarra would provide a broader junior base. With the NRL’s intention to rationalise the competition from 20 teams down to 14 teams and with substantial financial incentives and a relaxing of salary cap requirements for joint ventures, the Dragons and the Steelers ensured their survival by forming the League’s first joint venture on September 23, This formalised the strong support the network has shown for the Steelers in years gone by and ensured that Wollongong will continue to host world class rugby league matches.

WIN Corp can only sell their stake back to the Steelers, should they wish to withdraw their involvement, thus ensuring Illawarra are properly represented in the joint venture. Advertisements David Waite and Andrew Farrar Joint ventures being a new concept in Australian rugby league, the public watched closely in anticipation of success or failure. No-one was certain how the top players sourced from the joint venture’s two feeder clubs would perform when they ran out onto the field.

They were unsuccessful in their first outing, losing to the Parramatta Eels , but by the 4th round they had started to form some cohesion and would go on to achieve a top 8 position on the competition ladder by the end of the regular season. In the Grand Final the Dragons were leading by at the break in front of a world record crowd of , A fairytale of a maiden title in their first year seemed destined to come true; something of an advertisement to any other clubs considering the option of a joint venture, but the Storm recovered from their poor start and went into the final minutes of the game with the Dragons leading by The Dragons were forced to perform a drop kick from their own goal line, and on the fifth tackle Brett Kimmorley kicked high towards the Dragon’s corner of the field.

As the Storm’s winger Craig Smith caught the ball over the try-line he was knocked unconscious in a tackle by Jamie Ainscough and lost the ball.

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St. George Illawarra Dragons The St. George Illawarra Dragons are an Australian professional rugby league football club, representing both the Illawarra and St. George regions of New South Wales. The club has competed in the National Rugby League since after a joint-venture was formed between the St. George Dragons (est. ) and the Illawarra Steelers (est. ).[1].

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George Dragons and Illawarra Steelers In the wake of the Super League war of the mid s, and the resulting split competition of , the Illawarra Steelers found themselves struggling financially and seemed unlikely to survive past George Dragons largely financed a proposal for a merger which would see the St George Illawarra Dragons playing in both Kogarah and Wollongong.

Essentially, St George would provide the money while Illawarra would provide a broader junior and fan base.

Study sites St Georges Basin Lake Illawarra St Georges Basin is a large bi-lobate wave-domi- nated barrier estuary located km south of Lake Illawarra, located approximately 80 .

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